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Universal Compatibility

BCM allows bi-directional communication, through the Bus port with the boiler no matter the manufacturer or model. It records and sends intelligent data to Connect, Vericon's cloud services. 

Real time Monitoring

BCM talks to the boiler every 2 seconds so when a fault condition occurs it can send the details immediately. Normal telemetry is collated and regularly sent to Connect where it can be viewed by our clients, interrogated for potential faults and analysed for efficiency.

Simple Installation

BCM is easily installed in just 5 minutes as part of a service call or gas safety test. Other than power, the BCM requires a 2 wire cable from Bus connection of the boiler. The installation will guide the engineer through the physical connection and then manage the rest of the commissioning process itself. 

System Management Features

BCM also has a range of control features for clients and engineers alike to simplify the system’s ongoing management.


BCM allows landlords and property owners to report on, predict and rectify a number of common housing stock challenges remotely, armed with real world data.

Investing in the Future

We empower our clients to effectively manage their housing portfolio, while simultaneously decreasing costs, reducing in-person interactions and carbon emissions, while enhancing efficiencies and remaining fully compliant with regulations.
Our services cover heating management, fuel poverty identification, damp and mould reporting, compliance reporting, and emergency light testing.

EmeRed providing a 1.85 Years ROI

Happy Customers

What they're saying

Vericon's BCM device provides real-time fault notifications, as well as no-fault notifications which gives us full visibility of the boiler status. The ability to remotely diagnose issues and pre-order the necessary parts to put them right has enabled us to achieve a 99% first-time fix rate on the trial.

Head of Innovation


Richard Sanzeri

Like most businesses, the pandemic has had a big impact on our workforce, stopping us from physically sending engineers and maintenance staff out to sites, and forcing us to review our processes, and adopting new technologies like EmeRed. Some of our properties are in remote locations, so eliminating unnecessary travel has been a particularly important saving.

Head of Health Safety and Compliance

Grand Union Housing Group

Cameron Jeffrey

Tenant engagement is always high on our list of priorities. We’re particularly interested in new, smart technology and solutions that make diagnosing and fixing boilers more efficient for us and effortless for our tenants.

Senior Heating Surveyor

South Cambridgeshire District Council

Chris Brown


Airi is helping our clients to improve customer satisfaction whilst reducing reliance on their helpdesk and engineers, enabling them to allocate resources where they are needed most and save costs on unnecessary call outs and visits, as well as ensuring their tenants receive 24/7 uninterrupted heating and hot water.

The Automated SMS Helpdesk

Retrofit Installation

EmeRed can be installed and commissioned on to any luminaire in under 10 minutes and will carry out tests over the next ten years and beyond.

Secure Mesh Network

EmeRed, along with other Vericon devices, utilise ZigBee technology. ZigBee creates a self-healing mesh network to cover an entire building and ensure connectivity.

Staggered Testing

Using Vericon's portal, test schedules can be set per device allowing for staggered testing in a single building, ensuring compliance with BS5266.

Automatic Failure Reporting

The EmeRed will automatically send all test results to Vericon Connect which will then notify specified users to any failed lamps or those requiring preventative maintenance.


EmeRed is a small, intelligent device that is programmed to automatically
carry out relevant checks to ensure the lights are working when they are
needed, compliant with the relevant BSI Standards and industry legislation.


A cost effective and easy-to-install device to remotely monitor temperature and humidity. Widely used to identify damp and mould issues along with fuel poverty

Wireless Universal Thermostat

Boiler Plus compliant programmable thermostat that can load compensate all boilers, irrespective of make and model


Remove the threat of pressure faults in the central heating system with automated top ups, real time notifications and preventative maintenance.


Low pressure boiler faults in October 2020

20 days

Average time between portal enhancements


Average sign up rate housing associations per month


New products due for release soon

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