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Automatic Boiler Pressure Top Up

Remove the threat of pressure faults in the central heating system with automated top ups, real time notifications and preventative maintenance.

Case studies

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Features and Benefits


AutoFill will start the filling process once the boiler pressure drops below a certain threshold. During this filling process, AutoFill fills for three seconds before checking the pressure. Autofill will repeat this process until the 1.5 bar is achieved or a failure is detected.

Universal Compatibility

AutoFill is plumbed into the existing filling loop in the boiler, meaning full compatibility with any boiler.

Real Time Notifications

AutoFill logs every top up on the portal with a time and date stamp. If another top up is needed within 90 days, this will be flagged for an engineer to attend. If a third top up is required, the system will fail the device and flag for an engineer to be sent out urgently and prevent further top ups. 

BCM Features

As an auxiliary device, customers using BCM will also be able to use a
Vericon AutoFill

What's the process?


Survey and Analysis

Firstly, it is important to understand the number of callouts and associated costs due to low pressure over the previous 12 months.



Discuss the pain points and call-outs in a meeting with our team. We will help you create a tailored business case for your roll-out.


Install and Commission

Install your BCM and AutoFill and use the engineers app to commission them.


Get Notified by Exception

Focus on tasks that need your attention, knowing your boilers and top ups are being managed. 


Enjoy Proactive Engineers

Create a proactive workload to lower stress and improve morale among your engineers.

78% of boiler faults registered in October 2020 were due to low pressure.

Vericon Systems

Data Team

On the 5th of January 2021, the Marnel Estates engineer received a notification by e-mail from the BCM unit that the pressure had dropped below its minimum and as a result the boiler had a fault. The tenants were surprised to learn that the boiler was in fault and when the operative showed them the fault alert on his device, were pleased to allow access to find the leak on the system and make the repair.

Marnel Estates Ltd.

Martin Jones

AutoFill detects the pressure has dropped

AutoFill completes its pre-fill checks

AutoFill fills the system for three seconds

AutoFill checks the pressure

This repeats until the pressure has reached 1.5Bar

A notification is sent to the user

The top up is logged

AutoFill will continue to monitor the pressure

AutoFill Steps









Revolutionary Fault protection

Autofill protects your system by locking out further top ups if a burst pipe or slow leak is detected. 

AutoFill will top up the boiler pressure once it drops below the threshold. If the pressure drops below the threshold a second time within 90 days, AutoFill will top the pressure up, but move the device to the 'preventative maintenance' status in the portal. If a third top up is required within a further 90 days, the device will be locked out to prevent further top ups and moved to 'failed' status in the portal.



Complete ecosystem to support remote autonomous building management 

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