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Connected Boiler Control

Utilising Vericon’s intelligent technologies, BCM allows landlords to report on, predict and rectify a number of common housing stock challenges remotely, armed with real world data.

Case studies

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Features and Benefits

Universal Compatibility

BCM is an intelligent, easy to install device designed to monitor housing stock in real time,  and capable of operating with all major boiler brands.

GSM Connected

Cellular connectivity provides a secure data stream to and from the device, reporting in real time to the cloud. Removing any dependence on an occupants Wi-Fi network to communicate with the cloud.

Real Time Monitoring

BCM sends intelligent performance data to the cloud where it can be interrogated and analysed. Allowing BCM to predict and identify common failures such as low pressure, loss of gas and even a frozen condensate pipe.

Management Features

BCM has advanced management features designed to simplify the systems ongoing management including reducing energy consumption, detecting fuel poverty and detecting empty properties.

What's the process?


Survey and Analysis

Analyse your boiler stock to identify compatibility, worst performing and oldest assets.


BCM Consultation

Create and implement a phased adoption plan so that the introduction of the system maximises any potential benefits.


Install and Commission

Install your BCM in under 10 minutes and commission using the engineers app.


Get Notified by Exception

Focus on tasks that need your attention, knowing your boilers are being managed. VS Connect will send a notification only when you are needed.


Enjoy Proactive Engineers

Create a proactive workload to lower stress and improve morale among your engineers.

The ability to monitor a boiler's health, and even fix a fault remotely, saves both time and money while also delivering a far better service for the customer.

Richard Sanzeri

Head of Innovation, HomeServe

Marnel Estates Ltd installed a number of Vericon Systems BCM units via the Tradehelp network into its properties from August 2020. The devices are easy to install and are compatible with the majority of UK boiler manufacturers.

Martin Jones

Marnel Estates Ltd.

Easy to install

GSM connected

Real-time manufacturer fault code alerts

Fault find and manage boiler remotely

Fault history

Heating temperature settings

System low pressure warnings

Boiler Plus Compliance

QR code validation

Power-off sensing

BCM Abilities

Interrupted gas supply sensing

Accurate asset list

Hours used for replacement programs

Full audit capability

Manage energy consumption

Property access aid

Advanced Management Features

Property comparative metrics

Detect potential damp and mould issues

Detect fuel poverty risks



Complete ecosystem to support remote autonomous building management 

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