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Connected Boiler Control

Utilising Vericon’s intelligent technologies, BCM:Connect allows landlords to report on, predict and rectify a number of common housing stock challenges remotely, armed with real world data.

Universal compatibility

Especially designed for Housing Associations and those with direct responsibility for their tenants’ welfare, BCM:Connect records and sends intelligent performance data to the cloud or management system, such as Vericon’s VS:Connect, where it can be interrogated and analysed to predict and identify common failures such as low pressure, loss of gas and even a frozen condensate pipe.  Through deep integration with external sensors the device also has the ability to report environmental concerns such as damp and mould.

BCM:Connect enables boilers to be tested and managed remotely, without the cost of an engineer attending site. Boilers can be limited and reset remotely, and there is also the ability to remotely alter the heating temperature.

The BCM Device

Real time monitoring

BCM:Connect is an intelligent, easy to install device designed to monitor housing stock in real time,  and capable of operating with all major boiler brands.

VS:Connect uses machine learning to analyse information from individual boilers as well as collating anonymised community data from all Vericon clients to enhance the intelligent hub’s ability to predict potential hazards and issues with the boiler before they even occur. This, in turn, allows preventative maintenance to be scheduled before reaching the point of a costly emergency call-out or loss of service. 

Power-off sensing and remote fault reset

Real time manufacturer fault code alerts

Interrupted gas supply sensing

Heating temperature settings

System low pressure warnings

Weather compensation and Boiler Plus compliance

Usage insights

Burst pipe monitoring

Frozen pipe monitoring

Property access aid

Vericon’s BCM:Connect, along with its family of associated heating and hot water monitoring devices, detect a range of activities that, in turn, simplify maintenance, reduce costs and greatly increase the likelihood of a first time fix being achieved, ultimately enabling landlords to provide a comprehensive and reliable onward service to their tenants:

The innovative cellular device is easy to install in under 10 minutes, requires no specialist knowledge or tools, and is simply mounted adjacent to the boiler thus not affecting any boiler warranties or safety qualifications. It connects in the same way as a traditional smart thermostat without any dependence on an occupants Wi-Fi network to communicate with the Cloud.


Once connected, an install App guides the engineer through the commissioning process which includes entering the boiler type, manufacturer and serial number to ensure all assets are correctly registered and up-to-date. Once the commissioning process is complete, the BCM will appear on the VS:Connect Portal.

Safe and Simple Installation

Management features

As well as being easy to install and commission, BCM:Connect also has a range of control features for clients and engineers alike to simplify the system’s ongoing management. These include the ability to:

Manage heating profiles against date and time

Reduce energy consumption with ambient temperature offsetting

Implement empty property profiles

Create occupancy profiles to alert landlords to empty properties

Detect potential damp and mould

Detect potential fuel poverty.

Data Driven Decisions

BCM:Connect provides a range of connectivity options meaning that the device is always online. Built in NBIOT cellular connectivity provides a secure data stream to and from the device, reporting in real time to the VS:Connect Portal. BCM can also be connected with a range of add-on devices via Bluetooth and Zigbee Mesh networking protocols. 

BCM:Connect reads and writes data to and from the boiler achieving a deep level of integration.  Interfacing directly with the boilers control bus allows the device to perform a range of actions not possible with a read-only smart thermostat which simply relies on asking the boiler for heat.

The VS:Connect Portal

VS:Connect is a highly secure cloud-based data processing and machine learning hub at the heart of all of Vericon Systems’ solutions. Encrypted Data from Vericon’s automated testing technologies is gathered, interrogated and converted into simple to action alerts and charts providing a wealth of useful information with which landlords can make quick and effective data driven decisions.


VS:Connect also analyses engineer reports to understand the causality of initial alerts. In the future, the system will not only look for correlations in data fluctuations but also be able to indicate the actual fault and detail the parts required to affect a repair.

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