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What is Dew Point?

Dew point is the temperature at which water vapour in the air begins to condense into water. 

All air holds different amounts of water vapour. The higher the dew point is, the higher the level of moisture in the air at a given temperature. The dew point of humid air will be higher than the dew point of dry air.

Condensation of water vapour starts when the temperature of air is lowered to its dew point and beyond. 

Applying Dew Point to properties

By keeping air and surface temperatures higher means the air can hold more moisture before it condensates. Increasing insulation can help achieve this by keeping properties warmer for longer.

By reducing the amount of water vapour in the air within properties you can reduce the risk of getting to 100% saturation. This can be achieved by increasing the controlled ventilation and by avoiding adding unnecessary water vapour to the air by ensuring lids are used on saucepans etc.

What's the issue with damp and mould? 

Damp and Mould issues and associated claims are costing the social housing sector millions each year. 

No-win-no-fee solicitors have seen this, and are helping tenants file fraudulent claims. 

Unless you have the data to protect yourself against these claims, prepare for the worst winter on record. 

Dew Point links to damp and mould risk

Dew Point is the key to understanding if condensation is being created in your properties. 

Condensation is moisture which will feed mould spores, allowing it to grow and create damp and mould issues. 

Calculating the risk of Damp and Mould


Complete ecosystem to support remote autonomous building management 

Do you know which of your properties are at risk?

Dew point, along with temperature and humidity data, can give you insight into which properties are at risk of damp and mould issues. 

Risk Calculator 

The calculator below uses Dew Point, Temperature and Humidity to calculate your risk of damp and mould. Are your properties at risk? 

Monitoring Temperature and Humidity 

How do you know what the temperature and humidity is in your properties? 

Environmental Monitoring doesn't have to be complicated, with Surveyor Cube you can understand a properties risk within minutes. 

Surveyor Cube 

The Surveyor Cube is an all-in-one kit, designed to contain everything needed to remotely monitor a property’s internal environments, 24/7.


The pack can be installed by anyone, no matter skill level, and will immediately start to provide temperature and humidity data.

This data can be used to understand what fixes are required for legitimate claims, and help fight fraudulent claims. 

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