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Complete ecosystem to support remote autonomous building management 

Cloud-based intelligent learning platform

The Connect platform collates, interrogates and analyses the data from all of the devices across your complete portfolio and presents the information in a single portal.

Case studies

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Features and Benefits

Interrogating Data

Connect uses standard and bespoke engines to analyse data to ensure it remains a benchmark in the field of predictive information.

User Definable

Connect uses user defined Tags and criteria to create alerts and notifications.


Connect is a tool to support our clients so it allows clients to define structure and reporting to suit their needs.


Vericon understand our clients have existing systems that meet their day to day needs so Connect's architecture allows API integration with other systems.

Connect is a purpose built bespoke platform with scalability, security and integration as core elements of the architecture

Scenario 1

You have an emergency light that has failed 30 miles away.


Do you take a battery, inverter, new light, or all of the above?


Connect can tell what has failed before assign the engineer

Scenario 2

You carry out the Gas safety test during the summer. Come October the boiler has a low pressure fault.


Is there a leak or is the expansion vessel under pressure? You'll have to send an engineer to find out.

Alternatively Connect can pre-test the expansion vessel before the engineer carries out the gas safety test and monitor for pressure drops.

Scenario 3

If a Carbon Monoxide alarm sounds, do you know?

What actions do you take?

Vericon's Ecosystem will send the alert to Connect. Connect can then send a real-time notification to the helpdesk AND Connect can turn off the boiler.

Minimising risk while maximising the effectiveness of your team

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