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Smart devices and systems for building management and control


Connected Boiler Control

Comprehensive monitoring and
automated testing to predict boiler failure
and enhance maintenance

Performance management

Boilers are an essential part of any household or building’s heating and hot water systems. They are expensive items that can also be expensive to run. Making sure a boiler is working
efficiently, and to its optimum capacity, can be a challenge. Predicting when a boiler may fail is also a challenge, and yet the impact of a broken boiler in a hospital, care home or indeed any building that requires the constant availability of hot water can be more than an inconvenience; it may also be a risk to health.


That’s why we’ve developed an automated Boiler Control Module (BCM) not only to monitor the performance of your boiler, but also to predict when it might fail, to allow preventative maintenance to take place and ensure your boiler is working when it is needed most.

The BCM Device

Power-off sensing
Interrupted gas supply sensing
Heating temperature settings
DHW temperature settings
System low pressure warnings
Thermostat profiles
Usage insights
Burst pipe monitoring
Frozen pipe monitoring

Management features

As well as being easy to install and commission, Vericon’s BCM also has a range of control features for clients and engineers alike to simplify the system’s ongoing management. These include the ability to:

Remotely reset the boiler (subject to boiler make and model)
Remotely alter the domestic hot water (DHW) temperature
Remotely alter the heating temperature
Manage heating profiles against date and time
Reduce energy consumption with ambient temperature offsetting
Implement empty property profiles
Remotely turn the boiler on/off
Set automated frozen pipe profile

The device is mounted outside the boiler case thus not affecting any boiler warranties or safety qualifications. It connects to the screw terminals provided
by the boiler manufacturers for connecting to third-party devices. There is also no need for the engineer to drain the water in the heating system, and the final
electrical connections only take minutes to complete. Engineers will need to be Gas-Safe approved.


Once connected, an install App guides the engineer through the commissioning process which includes entering the boiler type, manufacturer and serial number to ensure all assets are correctly registered and up-to-date. Following the commissioning process the BCM will appear on the
VS: Connect Portal.

Simple Installation

Future Scope

As the amount of data collected and interrogated increases, perhaps from multiple sites, the machine learning algorithms within VS: Connect will start to highlight correlations between boiler sensor fluctuations and previous faults. These correlations can then be flagged by the system, allowing engineers in the area to attend and effect the repairs before the
boiler fails.

Similarly, as the VS: Connect hub develops, it will identify common issues that could be managed and carried without the need for tools or removing the boiler case. Videos can then be created and launched detailing how a tenant may carry out the repair themselves, without risk and without the need for a costly engineer.


Where simple non-intrusive repairs are possible, the tenant will be sent self-help notifications and links to the relevant videos through a dedicated Client App or email. The App itself can then be developed to enable the tenant to set heating profiles that will support reduced energy usage at
the click of a button.

The VS:Connect Portal

VS:Connect is a highly-secure cloud-based data processing and machine learning hub at the centre of all of Vericon Systems’ solutions. Encrypted Data from Vericon’s technologies is gathered and interrogated to determine known correlations, data fluctuations against user-defined criteria and anomalies that may be linked to future failures.

VS:Connect also analyses subsequent engineer reports to understand the causality of any issue identified. In the future, the system will not only look for correlations in data fluctuations but also be able to indicate the actual fault and detail the parts required to effect a repair.

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