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Connected Lighting Control

Simple and effective control and monitoring of building lighting

Lighting is ubiquitous, which can be both an advantage and disadvantage in equal measure. While essential to our daily lives, the energy consumed by lighting is a challenge, both in terms of its financial cost and its environmental impact. That’s why Vericon has developed a lighting control solution designed specifically to bring greater levels of control to your lighting environment and significantly reduce energy consumption across sites both large and small.

It comprises a suite of products that can be connected to your existing lights, switches and motion detectors to give full lighting control system functionality at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wired system.

Core Module

At the heart of our solution is the Lighting Control Module (LCM), the end device that
‘connects’ to your lights and communicates data across a secure isolated network
to VS:Connect, our intelligence and analytics ‘hub’. The user can then define which
switches and motion detectors control which lights and when, using our soft-wiring
and scheduling protocols. The system enables the user to monitor and control the
use of the lighting throughout a building, both day and night, to achieve the greatest
energy and savings efficiencies.

The LCM Device

Functionality and reporting

Creating a new lighting control ecosystem delivers a range of features and
benefits to conserve energy and improve service and maintenance:

Lighting history
When maintenance work is carried out on a luminaire the fault and resolutions are automatically logged by the system. VS:Connect analyses this information and with its machine learning algorithms creates preventative maintenance programmes.


Timed profiles
The user is able to set profiles to suit their particular environments. Profiles are time-related events that allows the user to turn on/off, dim or even change the controlling device (e.g. PIR control) during the day and switch control at night.

The engineer, as part of the commissioning process, can define lights into groups. This means the lights in groups can be controlled simultaneously.

Soft wiring
The users defines which switches and motion detectors control each light. VS:Connect will then create a matrix and send this to the relevant devices. The devices will then be controlled according to the user-defined control until a new matrix has been created. The user can change this matrix as required and even have the matrix time related.

Asset management
The commissioning app requires the engineer to enter metadata about the luminaire. This data can be exported to an asset schedule.

Energy Monitoring
VS:Connect will log hours used by each luminaire along with the dim level. This information can be used to better understand and manage the life cycle and energy consumed by your luminaire devices.

The LCM is designed to be very easy to install, either as new or retrofitted to an existing lighting installation. It can also be installed in live environments, and in
situations where existing control systems are installed but are obsolete or no longer working.

Ease of Installation

The VS:Connect Portal

VS:Connect is a highly-secure cloud-based data processing and machine learning hub at the centre of all of Vericon Systems’ solutions. Encrypted Data from Vericon’s technologies is gathered and interrogated to determine known correlations, data fluctuations against user-defined criteria and anomalies that may be linked to future failures.

VS:Connect also analyses subsequent engineer reports to understand the causality of any issue identified. In the future, the system will not only look for correlations in data fluctuations but also be able to indicate the actual fault and detail the parts required to effect a repair.

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