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Automated Emergency Light Testing

Compliant, automated testing to
improve system reliability and reduce
maintenance costs

Managing Risk

Manually testing life-critical devices, such as emergency lighting, is a challenging task, especially in large buildings. The risk of noncompliance, however, is not measured in a court case and a fine; it can be measured in lives saved or lives lost.

That’s why we have developed a new automated testing and reporting solution to ensure that if an incident should occur, you know your emergency lighting will perform, and lives will not be
put at risk.

The EmeRed Solution

Critical measurements

The EmeRed device ensures your lighting is working when you need it by monitoring and reporting a range of different factors such as battery degradation. Not only does this mean
your lighting will have the power it needs, when it needs it, but it also enables you to monitor energy consumption and plan preventative maintenance to ensure your service engineer’s
time is properly utilised.

EmeRed features and benefits

Retrofit installation
Uses own secure mesh networks
Works with or without WiFi
Automatically reports potential failures
Enables real time information to be viewed or downloaded
Connects and operates with other Vericon technologies

Manual Testing

Testing emergency lighting equipment is a time consuming and therefore costly job, and one that is often left to the facilities manager or buildings manager who have not always been given the training required to take on such an important responsibility. There are also other drawbacks to manual testing, including:


Records are often poorly kept, if at all, and standardised records and management processes are often lacking.

Lack of maintenance planning

A lack of fault and repair history for the light fittings makes future maintenance planning difficult and inefficient.

Business disruption

Manual testing disrupts normal building use, and takes the facilities manager away from other tasks, since it requires tested areas to be vacant for 24 hours following a duration test.

Automatic Testing

Using EmeRed to automate your emergency lighting testing regime has a range of advantages over manual testing, including:


EmeRed devices are programmed to conduct tests in accordance with your regulatory obligations so you can guarantee 100% compliance.

Degradation testing

EmeRed measure the life outstanding in each battery, to ensure they are replaced before an emergency occurs. It also automatically notifies you if there is a problem.

Simple management

Since the reporting is online, via the cloud, individual lights, buildings or indeed whole estates can be controlled from your desk.

Each of the EmeRed devices is quick and easy to install by a qualified electrician. Online training videos will also be provided. Once installed, they take just a few minutes each to configure, and then they are working to ensure your life-safety systems are compliant.

Simple Installation

Cost Saving

EmeRed is not only designed to ensure compliance, or simplify the testing procedure. It is
also proven to dramatically reduce costs compared to manual testing (see example below):


Manual Method

EmeRed System


Year 1




Year 2




Year 3




Year 4




Year 5




Total 5 Year Cost




Year 6 - 10 Costs




Total 10 Year Costs




The VS:Connect Portal

VS:Connect is a highly-secure cloud-based data processing and machine learning hub at the centre of all of Vericon Systems’ solutions. Encrypted Data from Vericon’s technologies is gathered and interrogated to determine known correlations, data fluctuations against user-defined criteria and anomalies that may be linked to future failures.

VS:Connect also analyses subsequent engineer reports to understand the causality of any issue identified. In the future, the system will not only look for correlations in data fluctuations but also be able to indicate the actual fault and detail the parts required to effect a repair.

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