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Connected Temperature and Humidity Monitor

A cost effective and easy-to-install device to measure temperature and humidity, as well as monitoring and detecting potential damp and mould issues before they arise.

Case studies

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What's the process?


Survey and Analysis

It is important to understand the total cost of solving a damp and mould issue once it has been reported by a tenant. 


MultiDOT Consultation

We will demonstrate the power of MultiDOT and BCM in a consultation showing how it can be used to highlight and solve potential issues before they occur.


Install and Commission

Install MultiDOT in a property with a potential damp and mould problem and commission using the engineers app.


Find and Solve Problems

Use the data from MultiDOT and BCM to identify issues within the property and roll out solutions.



Uninstall the device and reinstall in the next property to monitor temperature and humidity.



Complete ecosystem to support remote autonomous building management 

Features and Benefits


MultiDOT is a diagnostic asset that can be re-deployed to properties that have damp and mould issues. Simply install the device, solve the damp and mould issue, then re-install the device in the next property.

Smart Monitoring

MultiDOT enables landlords and property managers to monitor temperature and humidity in specific locations where installed. Ensuring temperature and humidity levels within a property remain safe for tenants and to detect any potential issues with damp and mould before they arise.

Simple Install and Setup

The device can be quickly and easily installed in minutes, without the need for specialist tools or knowledge. MultiDOT can be fixed to a wall with screws. 

Intelligent Comparison

Vericon's Connect collates the data from MultiDOT and BCM to compare the boiler activity with the localised temperature and humidity from MultiDOT.

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