Complete ecosystem to support remote autonomous building management 

Our Ecosystem

Our ecosystem is designed to deliver solutions to challenges that our customers may be facing. It allows for secure remote monitoring, compliance, and management of anything from a single home to a full portfolio of properties.

Bernard Cook
Managing Director

Vericon Systems

“The socio-economic benefits of a connected ecosystem are clear. The key is to ensure the system is operationally and commercially viable at all levels, from 10’s to 10,000’s of devices therefore it’s important to us to ensure we remain the most cost-effective complete system in the marketplace.”

Connect is the core to our Ecosystem. It is a secure cloud-based data processing hub.

Each product connects directly to Connect to provide our customers with the asset and environmental data they require to drive decisions.

You can find out more about each product by exploring our product pages.

You can find out more about Connect here

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