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Complete ecosystem to support remote autonomous building management 

Intelligent monitoring and management portal

Portal allows you to view data stored within Connect, the secure cloud-based data processing and machine learning hub.

Case studies

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Features and Benefits

Interrogating Data

Encrypted Data from EmeRed, BCM and ancillary devices is gathered and interrogated to determine known correlations, data fluctuations against user-defined criteria, and anomalies that may be linked to future failures.

Triple Layer Security

Vericon's Connect platform operates a triple layer commissioning process to ensure only authorised devices are allowed to connect to the mesh network

Reporting and Alarms

Data collected by devices can be interrogated by a user at any time, from anywhere. Searches can be downloaded to ensure that critical compliance documentation is always kept up-to-date. Alarms can be set to notify an engineer or team to comply with any SLA agreements.

Management Features

Portal's advanced management features including a full repair and audit log for each device. When an engineer has completed the repair, the fault found, any works carried out and parts used are logged. This information allows Connect to understand the causality of the initial alert. Which means that future faults can be instantly addressed, sending the engineer on site with the information and the parts required for a first-time fix.

What's the process?


Survey and Analysis

Firstly, investigating where technology can improve your workloads and assist your team.


Explore Vericon's Offerings

Investigate Vericon's offering to start learning what technology is readily available. 



Retrofit the EmeRed into your existing emergency lights and commission them using the engineers app.


Portal Training

Recieve tailored 1-on-1 or group training sessions on how to get the most out of the portal.


Use Management Features

Enjoy the advanced management features to monitor all your assets easily.

The portal is easy to use, and the monitoring and reporting services are very useful. The Vericon team have a clear passion and understanding for innovation and technology, and the ongoing support and service they have provided has been great.

Grand Union Housing Group

Cameron Jeffery

During a planned video conference call with Vericon, I decided to call the tenant to see if they could help diagnose the issue. They proceeded to explain the boiler had been going off for months and unbeknown to her, each time she pushed a button to try and resolve the problem, she was actually pressing the reset button. On the call, using the Vericon portal I was able to see the boiler come back to life as she pushed the button proving the system was working correctly.

South Cambridgeshire District Council

Chris Brown

Furthermore, based upon the information sent through the engineer adjusted the central heating set point to improve the efficiency of the boiler which will lead to reduced energy bills and improve the life expectancy of the boiler.

Marnel Estates Ltd.

Martin Jones

Portal interfaces with your devices through Connect

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