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£33 a year Vs £80 a call out

£80 for a call out.

£165.79 for the BCM including five years portal access (with our introductory offer).

Return on investment is less than two call-outs or missed appointments in 5 years!

BCM achieves this with a combination of features and functions.

Remotely manage missed appointments with features such as audible alarms and service limiting. From your desk, you can make the BCM:Connect create a beep or even reduce the temperature of the radiators. This will change an obstructive tenant to a fully engaging tenant. Once onsite, the engineer can simply “rectify” the beeping or heating issue.

With the remote diagnostics, your engineer can look at the health of a boiler without being onsite. This ability along with the real-time fault codes will enable them to decide the correct parts for a first-time fix. This will not only save money by reducing the number of revisits carried out by an engineer but manage the compounded problem of restricted access each time they go to the property.

Solve problems without going to site. BCM can allow a desk-based engineer to reset the boiler remotely, so for example; a boiler is in lockout mode because the gas meter ran out, instead of sending an engineer, your desk-based engineer can check and rest the boiler remotely.

BCM:Connect can also control the Autofill, which will top up low-pressure heating systems and notify you without the tenant even being aware of the problem. Inbuilt safety features mean that it will never fill a system with a burst pipe or continue to fill a leaking system. If the BCM:Connect detects a fault in the heating system, it will send you an alert.

Book a 10-minute webinar at your desk to see how BCM:Connect can reduce your callout and missed appointment rates.

Click here to learn more and book a demo.

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