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  • Zach Cook

Automation and Efficiency

Automating processes has always been accepted as a sure-fire way of improving efficiency. However, automating processes that you don't have control over and involve third parties is far more complicated.

The solution is here!

Just three clicks and you've created a fully automated testing routine for the complete estate or an automated escalation process for boiler repairs. The process will autonomously and only report by exception, and only when you need to be made aware of an issue. There is little merit in a system that claims to improve efficiency that requires constant attention.

In the example below, VS:Connect will alert the relevant users of the fault. Following a successful repair, the BCM will ensure the boiler runs a self-diagnostic test; then the device will revert to the green "OK" state. You will only get an alert if an SLA target is missed, allowing you to focus your time elsewhere without worrying.

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