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Break the disrepair claims cycle, or your bill could exceed £2.4 million this winter!

With the average cost of each disrepair claim increasing to £9500, it is no surprise that some housing providers are spending in excess of £2.4 million, with some having 250 active claims.

We’re less than 3 months away from what is being predicted as one of the most challenging times for landlords. With the fuel cap rising, weather changing and no-win-no-fee solicitors going into overdrive, claims will multiply exponentially, and your teams will be inundated. This perfect storm will create havoc in the social housing sector, so now is the time to act before it is too late.

As the number of claims increase, the challenge is made harder due to a lack of budget and resources, which would usually be allocated for repairs and fabric first upgrades. These budgets are now absorbed by claims, and something that you usually would have disputed now cannot be due to a lack of information and resources.

The Surveyor Cube can help you protect yourself, reduce claims and save your budgets, in minutes of installing!

The all-in-one pack contains everything you need to monitor in-property temperature and humidity conditions, allowing you to see what is really going on. The pack can be installed in minutes and requires no specialist skills or knowledge to do so. Once installed, the pack will start to provide you with the data you require to understand if a claim is legitimate, dispute false claims and issue fixes if the infrastructure is at fault.

Installation of the Surveyor Cube doesn’t only give you the information to identify and dispute false claims, it is also an effective deterrent for no-win-no-fee solicitors who are targeting quick wins that require very little effort on their part. Once they realise you have environmental data from inside the property and can defend yourself, they will move on to an easier target.

When the information collected from Surveyor Cube is overlaid with local weather data, building infrastructure issues and tenant activity that may be contributory to a situation can be highlighted and rectified.

Whatever the cause, the important thing is that by using Surveyor Cube you will have the information you require to issue a solution that will last.

Whilst cleaning programs are a vey important aspect of the process, it is not a solution. Without solving the root cause of the problem, mould will quickly return and so will the solicitors.

The Surveyor Cube is the only low-cost, easily adoptable product on the market which will help protect you in minutes. With a return in investment of just 5%, the Surveyor Cube will break even if it helps you dismiss or deter just 1 in 20 claims. As the Surveyor Cube starts to help you deter or dismiss more claims, more savings are made and it becomes a real profitable acquisition.

For more information on how you can get started with Surveyor Cube, get in touch

Want to find out the real impact of damp and mould? Read our disrepair whitepaper

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