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  • Zach Cook

Capital Investment to make ongoing operational savings...

Using #remote #wireless #technology is a low cost, unintrusive and #scalable solution that can be installed in any working operational environment.

Such systems can take reactive maintenance to #preventativemaintenance across multiple sites by remotely monitoring and managing assets.

Vericon Systems' devices such as EmeRed, EmeSense and AcousticDot can mitigate compliance and hospital operational altercations by reducing interruptions and disruption to wards and theatres. The EmeRed will give the ability to complete #statutorycompliance testing of #emergencylighting in any configuration required, EmeSense will check that the fire doors operate correctly and the AcousticDot the sounding of #firealarms long enough to ensure #compliance.

Vericon’s system works by exception and is capable of system-to-system communications which allows alarms to be emailed and reporting directly into existing work scheduling systems.

With the Government allocating £600m to help clear the NHS trust critical maintenance make sure any investment works for you and your business.

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