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Carbon Reduction: The start of the road to 2050

Businesses are increasingly being required to show their green credentials and how they are saving carbon. However, carbon reduction can also mean cost reduction – a win-win.

VS:Connect will guarantee cost and carbon reductions by improving efficiency and reducing the use of fossil fuels.

VS:Connect will enable you to remotely carry out compliance testing on all of your emergency lights. This not only saves time, reduces risk and creates audit trails but means a member of staff or contractor doesn’t need to go to site every month. Therefore, reducing cost and reducing carbon from fossil fuels.

VS:Connect will also allow remote diagnostics of a faulty boiler or a potential boiler problem, meaning the correct parts can be acquired before going to site to complete a first-time fix. Therefore, a further reduction in cost and carbon from fossil fuels.

BCM:Connect allows remote alarm activation or service limiting to ensure that access is always available. Allowing reduced costs and reduced carbon emissions from fossil fuels from wasted trips.

If you reduce the temperature in our homes by 1 degree, this will have a 10% saving on the heating bill. [1]

BCM allows you to reduce the heating setpoint of your complete estate remotely. The temperature drop of 1-degree won't be noticed until the reduced energy costs for the tenant and reduced carbon emissions data for you.

To understand cost and carbon reduction options, click to learn more about BCM.

[1] 14 ways to cut your energy bills. Felicity Hannah, The Independent. 15 Sept. 2018. Accessed 22 Jan 2020. Available online:

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