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Community Learning Is Bringing Artificial Intelligence To Life

Vericon is transforming the social housing industry through the utilisation of Community Learning and AI to support housing providers in proactive maintenance. Regardless of the size of their housing portfolios, social housing providers can reap the benefits of Vericon Systems' innovative approach.

To fully utilise AI's capabilities, an extensive data pool is crucial. By using a unique technique that we call "Community Learning", our advanced AI is available to all housing providers that use our connected devices.

Created by Vericon, Community Learning allows our system to access and analyse anonymised data taken directly from our cloud portal. It uses data provided by all our clients, therefore improving risk detection, preventative measures, process management, and communication with residents.

Our AI continuously monitors and gathers data on factors such as energy consumption, temperature, humidity, boiler performance, and occupancy patterns. This allows our system to identify patterns and irregularities that may indicate potential maintenance issues.

“Housing associations are heading towards proactive maintenance rather than constantly being reactive...”

Luke McCreery Director of Property Maintenance and Building Safety | CURO

Our AI algorithms are adaptable and scalable, catering to housing portfolios of any magnitude, be it a single building or a large housing estate. The system effectively analyses data and offers insightful predictive maintenance recommendations.

The utilisation of AI and community learning for predictive maintenance brings forth numerous advantages. First and foremost, it empowers housing providers to proactively identify and address maintenance issues, minimising the likelihood of emergencies and significantly reducing repair costs.

Furthermore, by effectively managing maintenance tasks in a proactive and efficient manner, we contribute to enhancing tenants' living experiences within social housing. Through minimising disruptions caused by maintenance issues, tenants can enjoy an improved quality of life and heightened satisfaction with their housing provider.

Additionally, the use of AI-driven predictive maintenance can also have positive environmental implications. By optimising energy consumption and identifying inefficiencies, we can help you reduce your carbon footprint and help towards your sustainability efforts.

By leveraging our Community Learning and AI capabilities, housing providers like you can:

  • Improve the lives of your residents.

  • Reduce the risk of emergencies and lower repair costs.

  • Lower your carbon footprint and support the UK Net Zero goal.

Our use of AI and community learning is a huge game-changer to the industry and regardless of the size of your housing portfolio, you can benefit from this innovative approach.

Are you attending Homes UK and Unlock Net Zero in November? So are we! We would love to provide you with more insights and discuss how our solutions can benefit your housing portfolio. You can book a FREE guest pass here.

Alternatively please get in contact with us by calling 01242 582 555.

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