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“Compliance validation is deemed a nuisance to FM teams”

“Compliance validation is deemed a nuisance to FM teams”… according to research by EE News Europe. True or not, it is a necessary evil for safety critical systems such as emergency light testing. Technology needs to make our lives easier.

Taking 30 seconds to set your emergency light testing schedules that will last for the next 10 years has to fit into that category. Now you’ve finished your emergency light testing for the next 10 years – What’s next on the list?

Exception reporting means you’ll only get a notification to create a work card apart. Your monthly and annual compliance certificates will always be at hand along with the historic logs for any building wide audit.

Let VS:Connect work for you. Click the link below for information or “show me the portal” to arrange a virtual walk through the system.

Visit our Emergency Light Testing page to learn more

Show me the portal

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