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  • Zach Cook

Drip, Drip, Drip - Water Pressure and Profit

If it's a weeping joint or dripping radiator valve you can be sure two things are happening. Your boiler will have an imminent under pressure fault, and also be causing damage to your building.

Does this need to be an emergency call out?

No, however, it does need to be dealt with; otherwise, it will only get worse.

But what if you weren't made aware of the problem. What is the cost now?

The newly patented Autofill can ensure the system has sufficient pressure, so your tenant is never affected, but it will also monitor and notify you of the situation. Now the weeping joint or dripping radiator valve can be managed as a preventative maintenance issue.

Each time the Autofill tops up the system, it will register on VS:Connect. If it tops up more than once within 3 months, it will flag this to you, and if it detects a more urgent issue, send an alert. When an engineer next visits the property, perhaps for the annual service, they will see the top-up frequency is high and can carry out the necessary repairs accordingly.

Think of VS:Connect as another team member, there to make life easier.

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