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Eliminating the risk with Airi - The Autonomous Helpdesk

MultiDOT or EnviroDOT collect the data, and help identify the risk, but what actually can be done to eliminate the risk of damp and mould claims?

Well, one option is for you to retrospectively contact each tenant, warning them that

their property is at risk and advising them to take steps to improve temperature, humidity and ventilation. This incredibly laborious task is understandably not feasible for most housing providers.

This will also likely occur after a property’s temperature, humidity or CO2 levels have been at an elevated level for some time. At this point, damp and mould may have already started to set in.

Or… you can introduce Airi

Airi is the Autonomous SMS helpdesk that will contact tenants when the property is at risk.

Using data from MultiDOT or EnviroDOT, a pre-determined SMS message can be sent autonomously when a properties environment reaches conditions that could increase the risk of damp and mould.

These messages could instruct your tenants to open windows, ensure extractor fans are on, keep lids on pans when cooking and not dry washing on radiators. But these messages are fully customisable to convey any message!

Pretty cool right? So how does this help damp and mould claims?

These SMS messages, based on data, are an audit trail of what you are doing to mitigate the risk, as well as showing if your tenant has followed through on what you have asked.

The fitness for human habitation act states that if damp and mould is caused by tenant activity, then the housing provider is no longer liable. MultiDOt, EnviroDOT and Airi’s audit trails can be used alongside maintenance audit trails to prove if a claim is caused by tenant activity or by negligence, saving you thousands in pay-outs and associated legal fees.

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