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Emergency Lighting COTS compliance - How much can it save?

COTS compliant refers to the system you are investing in, like EmeRed, not being restricted to a single manufacturer or technology. Given technology is changing constantly, it would seem madness to purchase a system that, even today, has a premium on luminaries, parts and installation.

What is the cost in actual monetary terms?

Well, its difficult to evaluate, but a DALI luminaire can be 50% more expensive initially not to mention spares over its life cycle. Future proofing a DALI system brings up a host of issues, as many DALI systems will not work with LED fittings. Each time a luminaire is replaced or changed; a specialist is needed to commission the fitting. The costs go on and on.

The EmeRed is Vericon's answer to COTS compliance, and as such, will work with your existing luminaires or any future luminaries. The EmeRed can be installed by any qualified electricians and with over the air updates will be supported for 10 years and beyond.

The EmeRed system will allow you to get an overview of your complete portfolio's emergency lighting at a glance. But more importantly, it works by exception. In essence, install the system, set the schedule and then let the system manage your compliance for you.

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