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Enhancing Resident Living with Vericon Managed Services

Vericon Managed Services

Enhancing the quality of life for residents has always been a top priority for housing providers. Technological advancements have introduced innovative solutions that significantly improve living conditions and save both residents and providers money.

Vericon Managed Services has been designed to be your technology partner. By monitoring the telemetry from your properties and managing your business processes, this service will allow social housing providers to focus on their core business while gaining all the benefits of connected technology.

Experience the Benefits of Vericon Managed Services:

Cost Savings: Eliminating the need to create, recruit and train new departments results in reduced operational expenses while improving existing team efficiency.

Increased Proactive Maintenance: Identifying issues before they escalate enables maintenance teams to respond quickly and stay ahead of potential problems, ensuring smooth property maintenance processes.

Improved Resident Living Conditions and Satisfaction: As the system monitors and addresses property issues proactively, residents enjoy higher standards of living, leading to increased satisfaction rates among tenants.

Vericon Managed Services uses Community Learning and advanced AI to continuously monitor and identify patterns and irregularities that may signal potential maintenance, health or efficiency issues. Regardless of your portfolio size you can enjoy all the benefits our Managed Services has to offer.

Key points that Vericon Managed Services focus on include:

Damp and Mould Monitoring and Process Management:

Vericon Managed Services provides a comprehensive solution to humidity monitoring within residential properties. By continuously keeping track of humidity levels, the system helps identify potential damp and mould problems before they become severe. Early detection not only allows housing providers to take proactive measures, but also creates a healthier living environment for the residents.

Fuel Poverty and Vulnerable Resident Monitoring:

Vericon understands that vulnerable residents often face higher risks of fuel poverty. By tracking hot water usages, room temperatures, and humidity patterns, it detects abnormal trends so housing providers can offer timely support and guidance to residents struggling with high-energy costs, improving their standard of living.

Pre-Heat Boiler Monitoring and Excessive use:

Vericon quickly identifies properties enabling the preheat function unnecessarily, resulting in wasted energy. By disabling this feature, energy consumption can be reduced. Additionally, excessive boiler activity is monitored to alert for potential reductions in boiler lifecycle linked to increased energy costs for residents.

System Pressure Loss and Expansion Vessel Issues:

By identifying pressure drops that may indicate potential problems and finding these trends early, preventive maintenance can be scheduled to avoid further damage to assets. Depending on the rate of pressure loss, Vericon Managed Services will create a notification for the gas team or maintenance provider, or an alert for more serious situations, while continuing to monitor the situation until it's resolved. We also oversee boiler and air source heat pump expansion vessel issues and determine if an alert or notification should be raised based on the severity.

Boiler Fault Notifications:

We analyse boiler fault codes in real time to determine the nature of the issue. For gas faults with metered supply, Vericon will triage the fault by contacting the resident, guiding them in handling unexpected faults, gas supply issues, and boiler resets. If residents can't handle the issue themselves, Vericon processes the fault for a work order.

All other faults will likewise be processed for work orders. However, by triaging gas faults, low pressure faults, and expansion vessel issues beforehand, the number of callouts is significantly reduced. This approach also offers engineers valuable insight into the problem before they leave for the property.

Boost Your Core Business Objectives

Housing providers can also benefit from the customer success team at Vericon. Our team actively collaborates with providers to understand current management methods and what information is required to maximise existing team efficiency.

Vericon Managed Services enhances resident living conditions for social housing providers by proactively addressing maintenance issues and offering support. With cost savings, increased proactive maintenance, and improved living conditions, implementing Vericon Managed Services will transform your daily operations and process management allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

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