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Homeserve Trialling Smart Boiler Control Technology From Vericon Systems

Smart remote monitoring and control technology from Vericon Systems, a leading provider of innovative building management systems, is helping HomeServe to realise the financial and operational benefits of ‘connected’ boiler control.

It is also already delivering 100% accuracy in fault diagnosis leading to a significant improvement in first time ‘fix’ rates.

As part of a new trial agreement, HomeServe has installed 250 of Vericon’s BCM:Connect devices in its customers’ homes to enable the remote monitoring not only of a boiler’s health and condition in real time, but also predicts when the boiler might fail in the future, potentially leaving their customers without heating or hot water.

Richard Sanzeri, Head of Innovation at HomeServe, says the company’s mission is always striving to create efficiencies while improving customer service: “We are particularly interested in new technology and solutions that make diagnosing and fixing boilers more efficient for us and more effortless for the customer.

“Boiler faults are not only a huge inconvenience to our customers, but they can also be expensive for service providers when it comes to engineer call outs and repairs. The ability to monitor a boiler’s health, and even fix a fault remotely, saves both time and money while also delivering a far better service for the customer.”

Vericon’s BCM:Connect smart technology enables HomeServe to increase the likelihood of a first-time fix by remotely diagnosing issues and pre-ordering the parts to put them right, performance data can be recorded and analysed (through a dedicated portal – Vericon’s VS:Connect) to predict and identify common failures such as low pressure, electrical or mechanical parts failures and even frozen condensate pipes.

“Although the devices have only been live for two months,” Richard continues, “we are already seeing very positive results. Diagnosis has been 100% accurate and our first-time fix rates have been very high and continue to increase.”

Bernard Cook, Managing Director at Vericon Systems, says BCM:Connect offers a number of key benefits: “The impact of a broken boiler in a domestic property, care home or indeed any building that requires the constant availability of hot water can be more than an inconvenience; it may also be a risk to health.

“Interfacing directly with the boiler’s control bus allows the device to perform a range of actions not possible with a read-only Smart Thermostat. Utilising our smart technologies, BCM:Connect creates greater efficiencies for homeowners, housing providers, building managers and tenants alike. Preventative maintenance programmes can be put in place that not only save money in the long term, but also ensure legal and regulatory compliance is consistently maintained. Through integration with external sensors the device can also report environmental concerns such as damp and mould.”

HomeServe is one the UK’s leading home assistance providers, with over 25 years’ experience of taking care of UK homes with its range of home insurance, repairs and maintenance services and more than 1.8 million customers nationwide.

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