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How the Government Plans to Ensure Safe Social Housing for Tenants Under Awaab's Law

Awaab's Law

The Government has unveiled new plans to crack down on unsafe social housing to protect tenants in support of its pledge to deliver Awaab's Law. Housing Secretary Michael Gove has launched a consultation to enforce strict time limits and legal requirements for social housing providers to address dangerous hazards such as damp and mould.

Week commencing 8th Jan 2024, the Housing Secretary emphasised the urgency of the situation and the need for action. "Today is about stronger and more robust action against social landlords who have refused to take their basic responsibilities seriously for far too long," he stated. This strong stance reflects the government's commitment to improving the living conditions of social housing residents.

In addition to Awaab's Law, which has been a significant milestone, the government intends to introduce the landmark Social Housing Act. The Act aims to significantly enhance the quality of life for those living in social housing by granting residents a proper voice to combat those who attempt to circumvent the system. It ensures that rogue landlords will face the full force of the law.

Under the proposed legislation, social landlords will be required to promptly investigate hazards within 14 days. Additionally, they must commence necessary repairs within a further 7 days and address emergency issues within 24 hours. This swift response time is crucial in safeguarding the welfare of tenants.

Landlords who fail to meet these deadlines may face legal action, potentially being mandated by the court to compensate affected tenants. The department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities emphasises the importance of clear records to improve transparency for tenants, thereby avoiding any delays in resolving housing issues.

With regard to the specified perspective that social housing providers must take action, the government's proposed measures clearly demonstrate their recognition of the urgency and their determination to hold landlords accountable. Ensuring the well-being of social housing residents should be the utmost priority for all providers, and these plans aim to deliver just that.

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