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Improving Operations Without Upfront Capital Investment

The social housing sector is currently experiencing significant transformations as providers search for innovative and cost-effective strategies to enhance the living experience of their residents. At Vericon, we understand this need and, in partnership with Fusion21 and Huws Gray, have developed the perfect solution.

We offer a 4-year contract that requires no upfront capital investment, allowing you to harness our cutting-edge devices and Managed Services through attractive pay-monthly plans. Our team of experts has meticulously crafted three distinct Monthly Managed Service packages to fulfil your individual business requirements.

Pay-Monthly Plans

Silver | Damp & Mould Monitoring - £27.65 per month

1 x BCM, 4 x MultiDot, 1 x Managed Services, 1 x HomeHub App

Gold | Damp & Mould and System Pressure Loss Monitoring - £27.71 per month

1 x BCM, 4 x MultiDot, 1 x Repeater, 1 x Managed Services, 1 x HomeHub App

Platinum | Damp & Mould, System Pressure Loss and Boiler Activity Monitoring - £31.90 per month

1 x BCM, 1 x AutoFill, 4 x MultiDot, 1 x Repeater, 1 x Managed Services, 1 x HomeHub App

Find out more about The Vericon HomeHub App at the bottom of this page.

Using advanced AI and data collected by Vericon Systems’ devices, Vericon will provide you with valuable and practical insights that empower you to make informed decisions from the very beginning. We will monitor your connected properties and manage your notifications, alerts and escalation processes.

By adopting this approach, your business can create an IoT connected portfolio and effectively eliminate the necessity for any initial capital investment, leading to a substantial reduction in upfront expenses.

The Key Benefits of Choosing Vericon Monthly Managed Services:

No upfront capital required: By opting for our monthly managed services, you save on any initial investments while still reaping the benefits of expert data and process management. This allows you to begin leveraging our services without incurring heavy upfront costs.

Improved use of resources: Our services enable you to allocate your existing resources more efficiently, supporting higher productivity levels in your business. By outsourcing data and process management to us, your team can focus on their core competencies and maximise their contributions.

Minimise and mitigate disrepair claims: In collaboration with Huws Gray Supply Chain Solutions and Fusion21, we help combat issues such as damp, mould, under-pressure call-outs, and bad boiler health – ultimately reducing operational risks and associated costs. This proactive approach can save you time and money in the future.

Comprehensive support: As part of our services, we provide a list of approved installers capable of handling any necessary installations or repairs during the contract period. This ensures that you have access to trusted professionals when you need them most, eliminating the need for extensive research and vetting on your part.

24/7 Instant data management: Our team and advanced AI start managing your data from day one, ensuring seamless transitioning of processes into our hands. With round-the-clock support and real-time data management capabilities, you can trust that your business operations will continue running smoothly under our care.

What is the Vericon HomeHub App?

The HomeHub App, a mobile application available for residents to download, comes as part of our monthly packages in response to valuable feedback from current customers and their residents. By providing a variety of features designed to enhance residents' understanding of the collected data, the app ensures that they don't feel as though they are being "spied on." This results in fewer objections from residents regarding such monitoring devices.

Enhanced Communication: The direct messaging feature facilitates improved communication between landlords and tenants, making it easier for residents to take necessary actions within their homes.

Improved Air Quality: By providing tenants with an overview of their air quality, the HomeHub enables them to take appropriate steps to enhance the air quality and create a healthier living environment.

This may involve actions such as opening windows for fresh air circulation.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring: Understanding temperature and humidity data is crucial for residents to prevent the growth of mould in their homes. Through monitoring these factors, tenants can identify areas prone to mould growth and proactively take preventive measures.

Education and Support: The HomeHub includes resources to educate and support residents in improving their home environment. By empowering residents with information about their energy usage, temperature & humidity data and boiler activity, they can enjoy things like more disposable income, increased social value, and enhanced mental wellbeing.

This understanding equips residents to make informed decisions and effectively maintain and improve their living conditions.

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