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Is gaining access to service a boiler a problem?

Open Door to a Plumber

Even when you have the time and date booked for the boiler service, you may not be able to gain access – This is a cost to the business and wasted time for the contractor and you.

BCM can be used to ensure your tenant is waiting for your engineer.

Your service desk can use the connectivity with the boiler to remotely activate an audible alarm or service limiter.

Both options are fully adjustable:

  • Alarm sounding ranges from an occasional beep to a constant whine

  • Service limiter can reduce the radiator temperature from a few degrees to effectively off

If the boiler starts beeping or the radiators don’t get as hot as they used to your tenant will be on the phone demanding your engineers attend.

Once onsite the engineer can simply reset the alarm or service limiter while carrying out the service.

If you want to understand more about how BCM can help you gain access to properties click here to book a demo.

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