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Is your portfolio at risk?

Understanding the effects that a damp and mould claim can have on a social housing provider isn’t difficult but identifying and mitigating the risks and root cause can be. This is where MultiDOT, or our new device EnviroDOT, comes into play.

MultiDOT is our temperature and humidity environmental monitor. Whilst this device is small and discreet, it provides social landlords with the data they require to eliminate the risk of damp and mould in their properties, protecting reputation, tenants’ health and the bank account!

MultiDOT has had an upgrade too! Now with 7-year battery life, you can eliminate these risks in a property without having to touch the device for years!

Understanding properties’ environmental conditions goes much further than temperature and humidity though…

Property occupancy and ventilation can be easily measured using CO2 levels. EnviroDOT also monitors temperature and humidity but has the added bonus of CO2 monitoring. This extra data will improve your ability to respond and eliminate any damp and mould risk before a claim arises.

But how can this data be used to mitigate the risk?

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