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New Amendment to Social Housing Regulation Bill Introduces Awaab's Law

The Government has announced a new amendment to the Social Housing Regulation Bill that will introduce Awaab's Law.

This law will force social landlords to fix damp and mould problems within strict time limits, ensuring that tenants are not made to live in unhealthy environments. It is hoped that this new law will help improve the housing conditions of tenants across the country, and provide them with a safe and secure home.

Crackdown on damp and mould under new legislation in memory of Awaab Ishak
Landlords must investigate and fix serious problems within strict time limits
New powers for Housing Ombudsman to help landlords improve performance, in amendments to the Social Housing (Regulation) Bill

Social housing landlords will have to investigate and fix damp and mould in their properties within strict new time limits, Housing Secretary Michael Gove announced on Thursday 9 February.

The Government has tabled amendments to the Social Housing Regulation Bill to introduce 'Awaab's Law', which will require landlords to investigate and fix reported health hazards within set timeframes.

This move follows the tragic death of two-year-old Awaab Ishak, caused by the damp and mould in his home, which was managed by Rochdale Boroughwide Housing. The Government continues to withhold funding to Rochdale Boroughwide Housing to build new homes until it can prove it is a responsible landlord.

The Housing Secretary made the announcement during a visit to Rochdale, where he met with Awaab's family and the Interim Chief Executive of Rochdale Boroughwide Housing. Awaab's parents had been campaigning for the law following the inquest into their son's death.

A consultation will be launched later this year to determine the timeframes within which landlords must act to investigate and make repairs. The new rules will form part of the tenancy agreement, so tenants can legally hold landlords accountable if they fail to provide a decent home.

The changes come as the Government amends the Social Housing (Regulation) Bill, which will raise sector standards and hold landlords accountable for the service they provide to their tenants.

Announcing the move, Mr Gove said: "The tragic death of Awaab Ishak should never have happened.

"He was inexcusably let down and his family repeatedly ignored. I want to pay tribute to Awaab's family for their tireless fight for justice over the last two years.


Damp and mould in homes can have a serious and worrying health impact, especially for those with pre-existing conditions. That's why tackling this issue is becoming an increasingly urgent priority for housing associations, local authorities, and the government.

And that's where we come in. At Vericon Systems, we are committed to creating solutions for damp and mould that are safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

We know that this is an important challenge that needs partnership and collaboration from all stakeholders. That's why we want to get the conversation started and join forces with those dedicated to finding real solutions.

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