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We've made some changes to the Portal

We've listened to the feedback you have been giving us on our Web Portal and have made some changes to make sure it works

for you better than ever!

These changes make the Portal easier to use whilst showing you more useful information.

Boiler Device Page

The boiler homepage has had a re-vamp!

The Device Log, Maintenance and Notes tabs have all been integrated into the top bar of main tabs, so that everything is in one place for you whilst also making way for more useful information on the front page.

Instead, Maintenance and Notes will be under one tab to allow your maintenance

teams to write and view maintenance notes as well as any other notes on the same page.

In the History tab, you will now find that notification records have been added. These will show you information on who has been notified of an issue, when they were notified and if it was an SMS message or email, allowing you to manage your teams more efficiently and effectively.

Added Telemetry Features

The most noticeable change is the Telemetry tab. This tab now allows you to view each factor on individual graphs, rather than on just one main graph.

You now have three views to choose from: "Boiler Environment" shows everything the telemetry page showed previously,

"Boiler Diagnostics" gives more information on the health of a boiler, and "Boiler Asset Management" which shows you information on the life of a boiler.

Throughout all these views, changing the date range is easier than ever allowing you to choose any date range. This will allow you to interrogate any data more easily.

Events Timeline

We have added an events timeline to the boiler telemetry pages, so that you can view all events that have occurred in a time period and their severity.

These events are categorised by level of severity. Blue dots indicate events which are the least severe, such as notes added to a device. Orange dots indicate moderately severe events or notifications. Red dots indicate where there has been an extreme event or issue such as low pressure.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Viewing your Air Source Heat Pumps data is now easier than ever, as added information on the heat pump is now available.

This will still be found in the 'Boiler' section of the Portal.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our products get in touch!

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