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We've made some changes to the Portal and Engineers App

We are continuously ensuring all of our products best meet the needs of our clients, including our Web Portal and Engineers App.

We have made some changes to ensure that these applications work better than ever, and provide you with the information you require to make informed decisions when monitoring, managing and maintaining your portfolio.

Events Timeline

We have added an events timeline to the boiler telemetry pages, so that you can view all events that have occurred in a time period and their severity.

These events are categorised by level of severity. Blue dots indicate events which are the least severe, such as notes added to a device. Orange dots indicate moderately severe events or notifications. Red dots indicate where there has been an extreme event or issue such as low pressure.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Viewing your Air Source Heat Pumps data is now easier than ever, as added information on the heat pump is now available.

This will still be found in the 'Boiler' section of the Portal.

These changes align with changes made previously. You can read about those changes here:

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