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Predictive Maintenance – The holy grail of housing stock upkeep

Recently, we’ve been spending time talking to organisations about their biggest pain points when it comes to maintaining diverse housing stock and servicing the needs of their tenants to a level that both landlord and tenant are delighted with.

Although housing providers administer their services in a number of different ways, some proactive, many reactive; but all with care and a great sense of value – the biggest challenge they all face is very similar. The challenge is the “great unknown”.

Managing faults on an as failed basis is inescapable when the first sign of a breakdown or loss of service is a telephone call from a tenant. “My boiler has stopped working” or “There’s no hot water” is often the level of detail an organisations first responder has to work with. We’ve seen some incredibly efficient processes in action to triage these calls, reassure tenants and organise for an engineer to attend site but the fact remains, the call out will always be to assess and diagnose the problem before being in a position to effect a repair. The chances are a return visit with parts is highly likely.

Here at Vericon we take pride in developing solutions to real world not theoretical problems and maintaining boiler stock presents a very real problem. Not only do organisations have a total lack of data on a boiler fault until physically attending site, they often cannot carry every conceivable spare for every type of boiler within their stock.

BCM was designed primarily to overcome the great unknown by proactively monitoring a boilers health in real time to allow service personnel to attend a property with a detailed understanding of what’s wrong, and as importantly armed with the right tools and spare parts to effect a first time fix. Through a deep integration with our client’s boilers, BCM doesn’t only let service personnel know when there’s a problem, it also recognises potential service limiting faults before they occur.

Predictive Maintenance isn’t the stuff of future technology, its here and very much in the wild thanks to Vericon Systems.

To find out more about BCM and our Predictive Maintenance technologies, get in touch.

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