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  • Zach Cook

Remote Compliance by Exception

Outsourced or in-house, there is a significant cost in managing compliance especially of remote sites, not to mention the hidden cost of admin.

EmeRed allows you to test your complete emergency lighting portfolio from your desk while the portal will compile your compliance report and report issues by exception.

These exceptions may be actual compliance failures or even a warning of impending failure — no matter which, you only need to concentrate on the lights that need attention.

With the technology built into the portal, the system will: identify the problem, tell the engineer which parts are needed, and even show them the exact location. EmeRed maximises first time fix potential along with introducing preventative maintenance for the first time.

Taking advantage of the technology and efficiencies doesn’t mean you have to replace all your lighting. The EmeRed has been designed to work with all your existing lights - plug it in and let it manage your compliance for the next ten years.

To understand how the EmeRed can save money and carbon emissions while ensuring compliance, click to book a demo.

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