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Remote reset saves £82,000 per year

Whether it's a fire alarm test or a tenant simply forgets to feed the meter, the result is the same: Boiler Lockout. Vericon's solutions could save £82,000 per year or more by allowing the boiler to be reset remotely without leaving your desk.

VS:Connect automatically registers the fault condition, whilst also notifying your help desk of the issue.

If the cause is as simple as a fire alarm test, simply login and push the reset button. If the cause is a gas supply issue, as soon as the tenant has confirmed that they have restored the supply, the help desk would be able to carry out the reset.

No call out, No engineer, No cost

You may be asking, is it right to allow a helpdesk to reset a boiler with a gas fault?

BCM ensures it is perfectly safe. The reset button on our portal will instruct the boiler to run a self-diagnostics test via the connected BCM. If the gas supply is re-connected, the boiler will then resume normal operation. However, if the gas supply remains disrupted, then the BCM will automatically re-register the fault.

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