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How Vericon Can Work With SHDF Wave 2.1 Successful Bidders

Vericon Systems aims to provide assistance in your planned works to meet the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Band C standard.

Our products are specifically built to support the objectives of the UK-government led SHDF Wave 2.1 competition. We ensure that our ecosystem is designed to meet the requirements set out by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in the Digitalisation of Retrofit innovation funding, question 5.1. Our solutions can help you lower your carbon footprint, reduce your fuel bills and help alleviate fuel poverty.


If you would like some more information about your retrofit digitalistion options please contact us directly or complete the form on this page.


We can assist you with Retrofit Digitalisation through various means:

1. Digitalisation funding Applicants will be required to share data and may be required to provide additional reporting with BEIS. This may include stock data or monitoring data that is collected as a result of digitalisation funding.

Vericon's BCM, Multidot or Cube devices are positioned in the property before any retrofit work starts to gain a baseline. During and post upgrades the sensors will constantly report on both temperature and humidity room by room enabling granular interrogation of the data as required. This data can be viewed through the online portal's dashboard, as well as downloaded in PDF format and shared as needed. Reports can be customised to analyse any number of data points from device telemetry, ensuring accuracy and relevance. The reporting section in the online portal is intuitive and allows clients to add fields and date ranges to their specific reports.

2. The usage of smart technology, sensors, and monitoring platforms to collect relevant real-world data (from the properties being retrofitted) for the assessment of properties to enable retrofit, or after retrofit for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

Vericon leads the industry in innovative, intelligent, and remote data-driven technologies that provide our customers with creative solutions. We specialise in offering smart IoT technology, boiler and environmental sensors, as well as an advanced monitoring platform that compiles data to assist with proactive decision-making. Our devices are specifically designed to remotely monitor assets within your portfolio and report data directly to the cloud. Once stored in the cloud, the data is carefully analysed and interrogated to provide initial notifications and identify trends that could indicate potential future problems.

3. The usage of building information modeling technology to design retrofit solutions using real world data from the properties being retrofitted.

Vericon's products allow for monitoring of existing buildings both prior to and following retrofitting work to assess whether energy consumption has been reduced and emissions lowered. Through the use of Vericon's products, a comprehensive understanding of a building's infrastructure can be established, including identifying areas with suboptimal insulation that have not been paired with adequate ventilation. Telemetry from Vericon devices can be exported to work with BIM systems such as Smart HTC.

4. The usage of energy efficiency measurement and electricity demand management tools to optimise energy usage, including reducing peak demand.

Once a property has been upgraded the Vericon system can be used to monitor electrical consumption and renewable COPs.

The Vericon system not only alerts landlords of potential issues and provides granular interrogation through portfolio-focused reporting but promotes resident engagement through the Resident App. The Resident App will allow occupiers to visualise and manage their energy consumption and environmental conditions.

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