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Selwood Housing's Success Story: Transforming Damp and Mould Identification

Selwood Housing, a non-profit housing association, partnered with Vericon in April 2022 in a collaborative effort to eliminate damp and mould from their social housing stock. This case study explores the challenges faced by Selwood Housing, the innovative solution provided by Vericon, and the significant benefits derived from this strategic partnership.

In their quest to identify property defects causing damp and mould, Selwood Housing encountered obstacles due to a lack of sufficient equipment to monitor internal temperatures and humidity levels effectively. This technological deficiency hampered their mission significantly.

Vericon stepped in with their ground-breaking product, the Surveyor Cube. This wireless set of devices was strategically installed across different areas within the properties, including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Equipped to track indoor temperature variations and humidity levels, the Surveyor Cube provided real-time data that proved invaluable to Selwood Housing's damp and mould team in identifying problem areas.

Working with Vericon has yielded several key benefits for Selwood Housing. Firstly, by sharing their findings with residents, Selwood Housing has improved customer engagement, fostered more meaningful relationships, and empowered residents to have greater control over their living experience. Additionally, the partnership has granted Selwood Housing deeper insights into problem areas, enabling the implementation of more comprehensive and targeted solutions for damp and mould issues. This understanding of the root causes allows for effective remedies that enhance living conditions for residents. As a result of these improvements, Selwood Housing has witnessed a significant rise in resident satisfaction.

Vericon's exceptional customer support throughout the installation process played a pivotal role in the smooth implementation of the project. The residents' acceptance of the new technology was a notable victory, as their genuine interest in the collected data and appreciation for the transparency led to increased satisfaction.

This positive perception of Selwood Housing and their shared commitment to resolving damp and mould issues resulted in a significant improvement in the residents' living conditions.

Rob McFerran of Selwood Housing commends Vericon's Surveyor Cube, stating,

"The implementation of The Surveyor Cube has proved to be a valuable tool for Selwood Housing and our customers, improving resident comfort and aiding in our joint effort to eradicate damp and mould from our housing stock."

Vericon's technology has played a pivotal role in helping Selwood Housing significantly enhance their damp and mould identification and resolution process. The result is happier residents and a more efficient approach to managing their property portfolio. This case study stands as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and innovative solutions in overcoming complex challenges.

Using connected technology to monitor damp and mould can help reduce health risks, prevent property damage, and save you time and money.

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