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Take the benefits of remote compliance technology today and pay tomorrow using our OPEX Scheme

Right now, it’s all about cash, budgets, expensive investment, and paperwork overload… There are grants and funding available, but what is a good business fit and where do you start?

At Vericon Systems, we can help as we have various cost models that will suit your specific needs.

2020 was an unprecedented year in all aspects, but the financial impact was particularly tough for all businesses and individuals.

Throughout this pandemic we have had to change the way we think and work, rising to and overcoming challenging situations with little support.

Within healthcare, the safety and the well-being of co-workers, patients and their families has always been a top priority. This has become even more critical due to the need for social distancing and reducing footfall across hospital buildings along with monitoring and managing all daily risks.

Does juggling reactive and daily tasks sound familiar?

Vericon want to help your business move forward. It’s all about working together to define your end goal and making sure that you achieve this in the quickest and smartest way possible. We have designed our technologies from the ground up, taking into consideration the fundamental needs across various industries and making sure that what we offer is inexpensive, relative and most of all futureproof.

So, what is it that Vericon can offer?

The VS Connect Ecosystem, our industry leading technology

Ok, so what device specifically would suit your needs?

Fire safety is always a good place to start. EmeRed, our emergency light test system, autonomously monitors and completes statutory testing of emergency lights without human intervention, mitigating risk and ensuring compliance.

The Ecosystem is completely scalable, for example: once installed, other Vericon devices can integrate into the existing VS wireless mesh network. These devices include EmeSense, which checks that fire doors operate correctly, and AcousticDOT, which checks each fire alarm sounds in tests and can detect when an alarm is set off.

So, what are the other benefits of EmeRed:

  • Quick and simple to install.

  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or GSM connected with NBIOT or CAT1 enabled.

  • Uses a secure local ZigBee network operating completely independently of any client network.

  • Uses a multi layered authentication process for devices.

  • The mesh network allows wide reaching connectivity and allows the ability to add additional ancillary devices in the future.

  • Fully compliant with relevant BSI BS EN 50182/ BS 5266-8 standards and industry legislation.

  • All devices can be updated remotely (OTA).

  • Reports available for download for compliance or audit purposes.

  • Reports by exception.

  • Real time fault notification.

  • Engineer monitoring and accountability.

  • Asset management.

  • Tagging of assets.

  • Stock management.

  • Reduces reactive call outs.

  • Increase first time fix rates.

  • Automated SLA alerts and escalation.

  • Reduces your carbon footprint.

  • Manage lifecycle extension.

  • VS Connect - secure cloud-based data processing hub.

  • Users can login into the web portal or engineer’s app on any web enabled device.

  • Want to use your existing management system? Vericon can link to existing systems via API.

Still interested?

To discuss your project or to arrange an online demonstration of VS Connect, please contact our team on 01242 582555 or

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