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  • Zach Cook

The Essential LGSR Bolt-on to Simplify Future Boiler Maintenance

Wouldn’t it be great if boiler stock never broke down or when it did, an engineer was onsite carrying out an annual Landlord Gas Safety Record and just happened to have a full complement of spares with them at the time!

Hands up if the above is the real world for your organisation?

One thing is certain in the RSL industry. Every year, every boiler must have an LGSR visit to ensure compliance. Eight times out of ten the maintenance is performed, the report is created and at that moment, the boilers given a clean bill of health. The reality is, that clean bill of health is a snapshot in time and not a guarantee for the next 364 days.

RMM or Remote Management & Maintenance is a simple and cost effective technology to effectively give you “eye’s on” any boiler 24/7. Being proactively alerted to a potential boiler failure before it fails is truly a game changer in the way organisations carry out essential maintenance and repair work. Armed up front with a detailed description of the problem along with the exact part numbers of the spares required to prevent or put it right, will significantly increase first time fix rates and allow maintenance teams to offer a far more structured approach to planned works maintenance.

BCM from Vericon Systems is a simple all in one device that can be installed in minutes as part of an annual LGSR. Permanently connected via an inbuilt cellular network, it allows organisations to:

  • Improve the efficiency of boiler maintenance

  • Carry out soft repairs remotely

  • Save time and money on property visits

  • Improve the likelihood of a first-time fix

  • Eliminate property access issues

To find out more on how BCM can solve a number of common housing stock challenges why not get in touch or book a demo today.

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