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The HomeHub App: Enhancing Living Conditions for Residents

In response to valuable feedback from customers and residents, Vericon introduces the HomeHub app, a mobile application designed to give residents a better understand of their living conditions, while addressing concerns regarding privacy and monitoring. This innovative app offers a range of features to empower residents and provide them with valuable insights into their homes.

The HomeHub app assists residents in improving air quality within their living spaces. This is done by providing them with information on the current air quality and suggesting proactive steps they can take to enhance it, such as opening windows for air circulation or switching on an extractor van. This equips residents with the necessary tools to create a healthier environment for themselves and their families. The app enables residents to monitor and understand the temperature and humidity levels, which helps them prevent mould growth and dampness. Having this knowledge readily available empowers tenants to take the necessary steps to maintain a safe and healthy living environment free from mould and associated health risks.

HomeHub app

Beyond its practical functionalities, the HomeHub app also aims to educate and support residents in improving their overall living conditions. By providing information on energy usage, temperature and humidity data, and boiler activity, residents gain a deeper understanding of how their homes function. This understanding enables them to make informed decisions about their energy consumption.

Additionally, residents can maximise their social value by embracing sustainable practices, ultimately fostering a sense of community among residents. The HomeHub's educational resources contribute to enhanced mental wellbeing, as residents feel empowered and in control of their living spaces.

The Vericon HomeHub app revolutionises the way residents interact with their homes. By showing the resident the data that is being measured and offering valuable features, such as communication, improved air quality monitoring, temperature and humidity insights, and educational support, the HomeHub app empowers residents to maintain and improve their living conditions. With this innovative app, Vericon takes a significant step towards creating smarter, healthier, and more informed living spaces for all residents.

Future development updates for the app look very positive and are closely aligned with the overarching business goal of creating warmer, healthy homes for all residents.

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