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The Simple Solution to a Frozen Condensate Pipe

Every year, many of our clients comment on their frustrations at being called out to properties to deal with one of the winters simplest faults. A frozen condensate pipe. Whilst the fix is a simple one, re-occurrence is common and many tenants are unaware of the symptoms which usually triggers a call to the landlord for assistance. Whilst some landlords do lag condensate pipes many do not and even an insulated pipe can freeze during an elongated cold snap.

Here at Vericon Systems we like to create solutions to common problems in the simplest way possible! That's why we are launching our all new electrically heated pipe guard. A simple fit and forget solution that's low cost and easy to install. Once fitted the guard gently and efficiently heats the condensate pipe to remove the risk of freezing. Its built in temperature sensor only activates the device when necessary providing energy efficient yet consistent protection from a common service limiting fault.

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