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The Social Restrictions Are Here So Why Not Make Them Work For You?

The electrical teams have turned up to work but there isn't much you can get them to do.

Current guidance recommends only emergency or compliance works should be carried out.

Benefit for years to come by getting your electrical teams to carry out compliance work, whilst adding future value to the organisation, by installing EmeRed as they go.

The EmeRed can be installed in your existing luminaires in 15 - 20 minutes and can be programmed to carry out your monthly and annual testing for the next 10 - 15 years.

The system will also:

  • Validate its results.

  • Issue compliance certificates.

  • Exception reporting - Only shows failures as they occur.

  • Support preventative maintenance scheduling.

  • Detail where the faulty light is and what parts are required.

✅Emergency light testing Compliance for the next 10 years

The restrictions are here for some time, why not make them work for you

Join us for a 15 minute webinar to get a high level view of the system


Join us for an hour to really understand how EmeRed and VS:Connect can simplify your life

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