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Top 5 Boiler Issues

As the temperature takes a tumble and our clients helpdesks light up like a Christmas tree with suspected boiler faults, take a look at our top 5 faults along with how they can be prevented.

No heating and or hot water / “Boiler not working!”

There are many possible reasons why your boiler is not producing hot water or heat, from airlocks to valve and pump failures. BCM: Connect not only provides manufacturer specific fault codes in real-time, but it also monitors pump speeds and can identify anomalies before they become a service limiting fault.

Dripping and leaking

Your boiler could be leaking for several reasons. While BCM: Connect can’t tell you where to find a leak, it can identify the symptoms and provide an alert if it detects a burst pipe or even a slow leak.

No pilot light

A broken thermocouple may be stopping the gas supply, which could result in the pilot light going out. Other factors such as draught or residue from impure burning can also cause a pilot light to extinguish. Through constant monitoring, BCM:Connect can identify in real-time when a pilot light has failed and also if the gas supply has been cut off.

Frozen condensate pipe

Your boiler's condensate pipe transports wastewater that forms from burning gas to an outside drain. Due to its position, this pipe can freeze. BCM:Connect has a range of add on devices, one of which eliminates this issue by gently heating the condensate pipe if it detects water temperature below 1C.

Pressure loss

If your pressure gauge reads below 0.8, your system could have a pressure issue. Often caused by a leak, or a faulty pressure relief valve. BCM:Connect’s autofill solution constantly monitors water pressure and can if necessary add pressure to keep a boiler operational while the fault investigation is carried out.

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