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Unlocking the Potential of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Wave 2.1

The UK Government’s commitment to address climate change has led to the introduction of various funding schemes that target decarbonisation in the housing sector. One such initiative is the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) Wave 2.1, which aims to provide financial support to social housing providers and help them implement energy-efficient upgrades to their properties.

Congratulations to all who were successful in securing SHDF funding. In this blog piece, we will discuss how Vericon Systems can play a crucial role in assisting social housing providers to make the most of the SHDF Wave 2.1 funding.


Leveraging Vericon Systems in Social Housing

Vericon Systems offers a wide range of innovative solutions that can help social housing providers increase energy efficiency, retrofit homes, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve overall living conditions for tenants. These benefits go hand-in-hand with the objectives stated by the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Wave 2.1.

Energy Monitoring

By utilising smart energy monitoring systems provided by Vericon, social housing providers can gain granular insights into tenant's energy usage patterns and identify opportunities for reducing consumption and costs, both at individual property level and at a portfolio-wide scale.

Smart Building Controls

By adopting a smart thermostat and allowing Vericon’s BCM to modulate any boiler could save as much as 22% on your energy bill. Vericon has created modulation curves for all boilers and with the input from its universal thermostat it is able to modulate any make or module of connected boiler effectively and efficiently.

Our devices are specifically designed to remotely monitor assets within your portfolio and report data directly to the cloud. Once stored in the cloud, the data is carefully analysed and interrogated to provide initial notifications and identify trends that could indicate potential future problems.

Retrofitting Solutions

Vericon's products allow for monitoring of existing buildings both prior to and following retrofitting work to assess whether energy consumption has been reduced and emissions lowered.

Upgrading properties with modern technologies, such as IoT temperature and humidity sensors or boiler monitoring equipment, is vital for social housing stock. With Vericon's in-depth knowledge and expert guidance on retrofitting projects, social housing providers can ensure they make informed decisions regarding suitable energy-efficient upgrades based on data.

Vericon's BCM, Multidot or Cube devices can be positioned in the property before any retrofit work starts to gain a baseline. During and post upgrades the sensors will constantly report on both temperature and humidity room by room enabling granular interrogation of the data as required. This data can be viewed through the online portal's dashboard, as well as downloaded in PDF format and shared as needed. Reports can be customised to analyse any number of data points from device telemetry, ensuring accuracy and relevance. The reporting section in the online portal is intuitive and allows clients to add fields and date ranges to their specific reports.

Data-driven Decision Making

As a technology provider with a strong focus on data analytics, Vericon can help social housing providers make better-informed decisions about maintenance and energy management for their properties. This is particularly crucial when accessing the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Wave 2.1 funding, as it enables more strategic utilisation of resources and targeted deployment of capital.

Fuel Poverty Identification

Vericon Systems, with its cutting-edge technology solutions, can play an instrumental role in assisting social housing providers identify residents living in fuel poverty. By utilising advanced monitoring tools, data analytics, and energy management systems, Vericon can effectively detect irregular heating patterns or unusually high energy consumption within households. In doing so, these real-time insights enable housing providers to take proactive measures in addressing energy affordability concerns and ensuring the well-being of vulnerable residents. Ultimately, Vericon Systems empowers social housing providers in their quest to eradicate fuel poverty and foster a sustainable living environment for all.

What if Vericon offered all of the above as a managed service?

Please take a look at our new LinkedIn page dedicated to making this a reality.

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