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Use MultiDOT as a deterrent against tenant action on damp and mould

By installing MultiDOT, you can deter no-win-no-fee solicitors from targeting your tenants and mitigate the risk of unfounded damp and mould claims. These solicitors understand that they will not win when connected devices are installed in properties, as audit trails protect the landlord from false claims for issues caused by tenant activity.

MultiDOT is our temperature and humidity environmental monitor. Whilst this device is small and discreet, it provides social landlords with the data they require to eliminate the risk of damp and mould in their properties, protecting reputation, tenants’ health and the bank account.

MultiDOT has had an upgrade too! Now with 7-year battery life, you can eliminate these risks in a property without having to touch the device for years!

In just one year, complaints to the Housing Ombudsman have risen by 53%, with damp and mould cases rising by 132%. This combined with an exponential rise in legal fees associated with damp and mould claims has left housing associations out of pocket £55.1 million over the past 5 years.

Trends are showing that this will not slow, with the rise of no-win-no-fee solicitors targeting the sector to make quick cash, and tenants learning of other members of their community getting pay-outs, claims are going to continue to rise in frequency and cost.

The only way to defend a claim is to prove that you are not at fault for the issue or have put appropriate measures in place to solve the issue. To do this you need evidence in the form of data and audit trails.

Whilst this data can be used when a claim has been filed, the use of MultiDOT can deter these claims from ever forming, especially when no-win-no-fee solicitors are involved.

MultiDOT collected data identifies spikes in temperature and humidity and show when measures requested by the landlord, such as opening windows and not drying laundry on radiators, have or haven’t been followed through.

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