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Vericon releases Airi, the autonomous SMS helpdesk, to all system users.

Airi is currently being used by our clients to engage with tenants to enable them to carry out simple fixes like resetting the boiler or melting a frozen condensate pipe without the inbound calls to your helpdesk or engineers.

Why is Airi different?

Unlike other systems which may send messages to the thermostat or take up helpdesk time with call reminders, Airi utilises SMS messages to send notifications directly to tenant’s phones. This allows for more accurate notifications, including messages to alert the tenant when the engineer is on their way, allowing the tenant to continue their daily activities while offering an absolute service.

By combining BCM with Airi, the Vericon Connect system will remotely and autonomously monitor and manage your boilers and any faults that may occur. Once installed, BCM will be able to identify when a boiler fails and provide a fault code. Airi will then contact the tenant to notify them of the fault and either explain how to solve the problem or, for more serious faults, let them know an engineer will be in contact shortly. The Vericon Connect system will continue to monitor the situation and only highlight the fault condition if the fault is not rectified within a few hours.

Worried about tenants touching the boiler?

Airi will never suggest anything more than a soft fix, such as a pressure top up or melting a frozen condensate pipe. The tenant will never be asked to interfere with the boiler.

If the tenant is capable and willing to carry out the solution provided by Airi, the BCM will run diagnostics to ensure the boiler is working correctly before logging the fault on the portal. Any tenant repairs will be logged, added to the audit record, and can be interrogated at any time.

Setting you apart from the competition

  • 24/7 monitoring of boilers to ensure uninterrupted heating and hot water for you tenants.

  • A high proportion of fixes that usually require an engineer visit can be carried out by tenants and checked by the Vericon Connect system, leading to reduced cost to serve and an enhanced perceived service.

  • Realtime communication with the tenant, wherever they are, to help them continue with their daily activities instead of the usual AM/PM slots.

  • Reduced load on your Helpdesk call centres allowing them to focus on the calls that need more attention.

  • Full audit records for every boiler, including any fixes the tenant carries out themselves.

  • The BCM will enable your team to achieve more first-time-fixes with real fault codes allowing the engineer to bring the parts needed to rectify the fault.

Airi is currently being used by our clients to relieve their helpdesk and engineers, in fact; 63% of all faults read by BCM between September to January were faults that did not require an engineer to visit site and were solvable by the tenant themselves. This benefited our clients by allowing them to send engineers to more critical faults whilst maintaining their already high tenant satisfaction records.

Learn more

To learn more about BCM, click here. To learn more about our other systems, click here.

To learn more about Airi, contact us today.

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