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Vericon’s BCM supplied through TradeHelp Network

Martin Jones from Marnel Estates explains how Vericon Systems BCM, supplied through the TradeHelp Network, is saving money, preventing ongoing damage to his properties, and adding to tenant's welfare and satisfaction.

The instant alert and predictive notifications of BCM by Vericon, originally created for the social housing and facilities management industries, work equally well for private landlords and independent installers.

“Marnel Estates Ltd installed a number of Vericon Systems BCM units via the TradeHelp Network into its properties from August 2020. The devices are easy to install and are compatible with the majority of UK boiler manufacturers.

The BCM unit allows Marnel Estates to:

  • Monitor the key data points of the boilers remotely.

  • Reduce the temperature of the boiler or activate a noise from the boiler if the resident does not allow access for the statutory annual gas safety check.

  • Receive alerts by e-mail from the unit, when the boiler is getting close to a fault situation.

  • When there is a fault on the boiler the e-mail is sent to Marnel Estates immediately.

On the 5th of January 2021, the Marnel Estates engineer received a notification by e-mail from the BCM unit that the pressure had dropped below its minimum and as a result the boiler had a fault. As the engineer was working close-by he attended the property based on the information sent through to him. The tenants were surprised the learn that the boiler was in fault and when the operative showed them the fault alert on his device, were pleased to allow access to find the leak on the system and make the repair.

The tenant was delighted that the repair was flagged even before they realised there was one. Furthermore, based upon the information sent through the engineer adjusted the central heating set point to improve the efficiency of the boiler which will lead to reduced energy bills and improve the life expectancy of the boiler.

Martin Jones

(Marnel Estates Ltd)”

To find out how Vericon can support any size property portfolio, contact us or book a demo.

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