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We now feature on the SHED 3 Framework - Surveyor Cube

In an industry where innovation is key to overcoming challenges such as damp and mould, we'd like to announce that the Vericon Surveyor Cube is now available through the PfH SHED 3 framework.

The SHED 3 framework is uniquely designed to help housing providers find and implement non-traditional, innovative solutions with ease, facilitating a smooth procurement process.

Let's explore the benefits the Surveyor Cube offers under the SHED 3 framework:

Remote Monitoring Mastery

The Surveyor Cube monitors temperature & humidity levels to identify causes of damp and mould. It is particularly relevant to the SHED 3 framework, which assists housing providers in addressing building safety and health hazards. By monitoring environmental conditions, the Surveyor Cube promotes healthy living conditions and aligns with the framework's focus on building safety and tenant well-being.

Leveraging Data for Strategic Decision-Making

Leverage the smart, analytical capabilities of the Surveyor Cube to make strategic, informed decisions. All information collected by our devices is interrogated and analysed by our machine learning algorithms to give real actionable insights.

Minimise Disruption and Support Your Residents

The Surveyor Cube uses a plug and play easy install process, meaning it’s non-invasive and resident friendly. By incorporating the new HomeHub app, data can be shared with the resident providing them with information on the current air quality and suggestions on proactive steps they can take to enhance it.

Plus, a Bonus at No Extra Cost: Take boiler monitoring to the next level with real-time performance analysis. Using a gas safe engineer, the Surveyor Cube can be recommissioned and directly wired to the boiler, with free over-the-air updates. It will allow you to predict common failures, overuse and identify fuel poverty risks.

To discover the full potential of the Surveyor Cube and the SHED 3 framework for your organisation, contact us today.

Surveyor Cube

The Surveyor Cube

Residents who have had the new system installed have shown genuine interest in the data collected and appreciated the knowledge gained on how to prevent damp and mould.

"Using the advice Rob (Selwood Housing) gave me and the data from the new system, I’ve been able to make some small changes which have made a huge difference."

Learn more about the Surveyor Cube - here

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