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  • Zach Cook

Worlds first ALL brand boiler control device

This single device will operate with all of the major boiler brands across your complete housing giving remote diagnostics and real-time fault notifications before your tenant is even aware of a problem.

Designed for social housing, BCM doesn’t require WiFi instead, using its own cellular technology to communicate with the portal

The portal is your window to your complete housing stock but with its AI and exception reporting, you will only be made aware of the boilers that need your attention. As a fault occurs, the portal sends a notification or email to the engineer responsible for reviewing and arranging the repair. A notification will also be sent to the help desk, allowing them to make the tenant aware of the problem and arrange access.

It doesn’t end there. After the engineer has been to site the BCM will automatically test the boiler to ensure everything is working properly.

  • Understand the problem before you go to site

  • Excellent tenant experience

  • Automatic retesting

  • Efficient boiler management workflow

The BCM, and the portal will also give you an insight into :

  • Occupancy

  • Boiler efficiency

  • Building insulation factor

  • Carbon and energy usage

  • Damp and mould (with additional sensor)

For a free demonstration of the portal and how this can work for you click here to book a demo

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