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Complete ecosystem to support remote autonomous building management 

Supporting our clients with automated reporting 

At the centre of what we do is the data that devices collect for our clients, which paints a real picture of what is going on inside properties. From boiler and heating use to emergency light compliance, our automated reports provide our clients with the understanding they need to make data-led decisions. 

These reports are part of the Vericon Systems Business Intelligence Roadmap, designed to support our clients in becoming more efficient whilst reducing costs. 

This is the first step on the roadmap to introduce “if this then that” reporting functionality for our clients with the aim to provide proactive capabilities. 

The data used in automated reporting, as well as the up coming “if this then that” reporting is collected from the existing ecosystem of devices and solutions, ensuring any investment made today or prior will have these new reporting functionality and capabilities.    

Automated reports 

Automated reports have two pages of valuable data that has been analysed and collated for you.

Page one contains an overview of your portfolio, with data highlighting:

  • EmeRed activity, including compliance levels.

  • BCM activity, including boiler faults and average time to repair.

  • AutoFill activity, which can highlight a leak in the system.

  • Humidity activity which can highlight damp and mould risk.

  • Fuel poverty indicators, such as boiler set point and boiler faults.


Page two goes into more granular detail regarding:

  • Individual properties with fuel  poverty risk.

  • Individual properties with damp and mould risk.


These individually highlighted properties are identified using their unique occupier ID, only known to you. 

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