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Identify the root cause of damp & mould

The Surveyor Cube is a package of products that aims to aid surveyors in identifying the root cause of damp and mould issues in a property. The package can be deployed into a property with minimal disturbance to occupants and no specialist tools or knowledge. 

Case studies

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Features and Benefits

In-property environmental monitoring

Consists of a plug & play BCM, several MultiDOT devices, adhesive pads and full portal access with the capability to instantly view and report on a properties environmental conditions. 

Easy install

Surveyor Cube can be installed in minutes, with no specialist tools or knowledge. The Plug and Play BCM has a three pin plug fitted to allow for simple power-up and re-deployment. 

Instant data collection

The MultiDOT devices immediately collect data on the property’s temperature and humidity. This allows for damp & mould issues, ventilation issues and fuel poverty situations to be identified and rectified.

Data reporting

All information collected by the devices is sent via the plug and play BCM to Connect to be analysed and interrogated by our machine learning algorithms. The data can then be reviewed and downloaded for a full audit trail. 

Surveyor Cube


Complete ecosystem to support remote autonomous building management 

Manual Testing

Testing emergency lighting equipment is a time consuming and costly job. It is often left to the facilities manager or buildings manager who have not always been given the training required to take on such an important responsibility.

There are also other drawbacks to manual testing, including:

Business disruption

Manual testing disrupts normal building use, and takes the facilities manager away from other tasks, since it requires tested areas to be vacant for 24 hours following a duration test.

Lack of maintenance planning

A lack of fault and repair history for the light fittings makes future maintenance planning difficult and inefficient.


Records are often poorly kept, if at all, and standardised records and management processes are often lacking.

Damp and Mould Risk

Identifying the causes of damp and mould is difficult, but humidity is a key factor.

Humidity can be influenced by three factors: 

  • Customer Activity 

  • Failing building infrastructure 

  • Highly efficient building insulation upgrades without the corresponding ventilation upgrades​

Mould likes warm and humid conditions to grow and spread.

Mould thrives in the following conditions:

  • Humidity levels above 60%.

  • Temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees.

Mould spores will begin to grow rapidly 24 to 48 hours after these conditions occur. As this temperature is the average comfort setting for houses in the UK, managing the humidity is the only option when tackling damp and mould issues.


Agnostic boiler control module that allows landlords to remotely monitor and manage their complete portfolio.


Small, cost effective and easy to install device to measure property temperature and humidity.

For Surveyors

Designed to aid surveyors in finding the root cause of damp and mould issues in properties. 

For Housing Officers

As soon as a call comes in reporting damp and mould in a property, Surveyor Cube can be deployed, quickly and easily. 

For Everyone

Surveyor cube requires no specialist tools or knowledge to install, meaning anyone can install and benefit from instant in-property environmental data. 

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